The Gallipoli CD-ROM is being prepared as a multi-directional resource for the students, teachers, and researchers. The preparation of this project has lasted approximately for two years. To find the reality behind these battles, both Turkish and foreign archives have been widely researched. The CD-ROM now most probably is the broadest resource, containing all aspects of the Gallipoli Campaign.

The Gallipoli Campaign CD-ROM is being prepared with contributions of the military and academic experts of the subject, as our superintendent Prof. Dr. Mete Tuncoku, our supervisors Dr. Ismet Gorgulu, Assist. Prof. Birten Celik, Ibrahim Artuc, Mahmut Boguslu and Sahin Aldogan.

The CD-ROM is consisted of the headlines revealed below. It contains hundreds of photographs, coloured sketches, original films, and special melodies. In the broad source, which is ornamented with all recent technological instruments, you will find all aspects of a war, which drew a nationís destiny.

The CD-ROMís first edition will be in Turkish. Now we are working on the English version and it will be available in near future.

We thank all the achieves and libraries contributed to our project:


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